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בקשת אזרחות פורטוגלית

Request for Portuguese citizenship

Did you know that you may be eligible for Portuguese citizenship, which in effect means European citizenship if you belong to the offspring of the expulsion from Spain? In this article we will explain briefly who exactly is entitled to citizenship, what steps to apply for Portuguese citizenship and why it is worthwhile.

Who is eligible for a Portuguese passport?

Along with the expulsion of Spain, which we all heard and learned in the schools, there was also a deportation of the Jews of Portugal. Expulsion which was done under the pressure of the King of Spain. The Jews had the option of becoming Christians or leaving the country. As a result, many Jews came to North Africa, but also to Thessaloniki, Amsterdam and even South America and other areas under the control of the Ottoman Empire.

The request for a Portuguese passport is made possible by an amendment to the Portuguese Constitution of 2015. According to the amendment, Jews who can prove that they are descendants of the Jewish community in Portugal are eligible for Portuguese citizenship and therefore also a Portuguese passport.

Steps for spending a Portuguese passport

The process of obtaining Portuguese citizenship is divided into three stages:

A. Submission of documents to the Jewish community in Portugal.
B. Obtaining community approval and applying to the Portuguese Ministry of Justice.
third. Receipt of documents of Portuguese citizenship.

In order to prove that you are descendants of the expulsion from Spain and Portugal, it is necessary to obtain documents from your parents and grandparents in order to prove your connection to the expulsion from Spain. This stage is problematic because it is not always possible to find documents attesting to this. But this is why it is best to contact the specialist Portoklik. We specialize in obtaining Portuguese citizenship and access to various records and archives that can prove your connection to the Jewish community in Portugal. There is also a need for documents signed by a notary and an apostille, all in Portuguese.

Why do you want Portuguese citizenship?

Portugal is one of the countries of the European Union, meaning that Portuguese citizenship is your gateway to Europe and a Portuguese passport is a European passport. A European passport holder can enjoy many rights throughout Europe – the right to move freely among EU countries, as well as the right to work and study in Europe. You can also visit the US without a visa. Do not necessarily conclude that people applying for a Portuguese passport are planning to immigrate to Portugal. Holding a Portuguese passport can benefit you in various situations even if you do not intend to immigrate to Portugal or any other European country. Students, business people and those interested in working and living for a while in Europe can benefit greatly from the Portuguese passport.

In conclusion, obtaining a European passport is certainly possible and not really complicated. Anyone who wants to claim his rights and receive the desired passport should do so through us experts on the subject. We know the Portuguese law in great detail, are in contact with the heads of the Jewish community in Portugal and can help you obtain your Portuguese passport and citizenship.